P&M studios offer a wide range of services from composition and pre-production to tracking, mixing and mastering and are flexible to suite your needs. We create custom instrumentals, alternatively you may want to record vocals to your music you already have. Perhaps you are a songwriter or a band looking to record an EP or an album in a professional environment assisted by a passionate team. Whatever it is, our professionals can help you to bring your ideas to life. 

Our live rooms and vocal booths are isolated and acoustically treated by experts who have been building music studios for decades. For examples of previous recordings at P&m Studios

Equipment and Instruments

We are proud to use some of the latest digital audio equipment with some of the finest vintage analogue gear available for recording, mixing and mastering.

For your recording session, you can bring along your own instruments and percussion, or you can take your pick from a selection of premium guitars, keyboards and percussion. Furthermore, the studio offers a wide selection of first class vintage amplifiers and dynamic and condenser microphones, brands include Mesa Boogie, Kemper, fender, Marshall and more.  For a full list of equipment and prices please 

Relaxing and Inspiring Space

Research has shown that relaxing space can stimulate creative thinking. You will find our studios are not just well equipped with instruments and technology, but is also a relaxing area to spend time with your band. Carefully selected colours all around and dedicated chill out area with a fully equipped kitchen. 

Bookings and Quotes

Please don`t hesitate to get in touch with one of us either via email or phone for more information. Bands and Artists are welcome to view the studios and facilities before making any bookings. 

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Rehearsals and Production


Whilst offering the ability to record, our stunning live rooms provide excellent space for any kind of production rehearsals at any level and type. Our live rooms are multi-purpose and are professionally equipped with PA systems, floor wedges, drum kits and with whatever else you would require for a comfortable and professional rehearsal, whilst maintaining a stunning aesthetic for videography and photography. 

Rock School


Our latest arrival to our services is our very own in-house Rock School for individuals of all age and skill level. We are passionate about making music accessible to everyone from future rock stars to Sunday drummers. 

Tuition options and philosophy

We offer private and group lessons, Trinity Rock & Pop grades, Classical grades, Live performance workshops and band coaching for students as well as for adults. For the ones who are not interested in doing grade exams our experienced and professional teachers can help you play your favourite songs and teach you the relevant music theory, also song writing techniques and improvisation. We believe in catering to individual student`s needs and our flexible teaching style incorporates a mix of skills and techniques, song studies and live performance to students of all age and ability to reach their full potential.


Our tutors are qualified, enthusiastic musicians with enhanced level DBS clearance and extensive experience in the music industry. For more details on our teachers please 

Facilities & Equipment

Next to our live rooms we are fortunate to have a designated school area where we offer professionally equipped and sound proofed rooms to our students and reception / waiting area for the waiting parents with tea and coffee offered. For the building layout please 

For more information on our Rock School please

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Showcases and Clinic`s


Our live rooms provide a perfect place and location for master classes, showcases and clinic`s. We are able to prepare the rooms with up to 100 seats and provide you with anything else you`d require to make magic happen and really amaze your audience with a remember-able experience. Additional services are professional photography and videography as well as audio recording as per agreement.

Free parking outside makes it an easy journey for your guests and we can also help you with printing bespoke tickets and event marketing across London. 

For more information or a quote please 

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Event organizing and Gear Hire


P&M Studios is also a great network of music industry professionals, including musicians from all around the world, event promoters, managers, festival organizers and more. We have been supplying bands of all styles from acoustic to world class covers bands and equipment for outdoor and indoor festivals, weddings, school events, country shows and more at all sizes. Our list of equipment on hire include PA systems, floor wedges, lights, stage, drum raiser and more. For a detailed list please 

If you are looking to find a reliable team of professionals with passion to organise your own event where you`d like a selection of bands, or just a band with equipment then we would love to hear from you. 

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